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Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. was established in 1961 by Dewan Gian Chand, a pioneering industrialist from Jammu & Kashmir. The company has grown from a liquor bottling unit in its initial years to one of the leading manufacturer of malt spirit & beers in the country. With a diverse portfolio of award-winning products, DeVANS takes pride in the quality of its products. As DeVANS enters in its sixth decade, the mission is to continue it’s spirit of innovation & diversification of it’s product portfolio.

We are passionate. Yet we behave responsibly.
We are progressive and forward looking. Yet we respect and hold on to traditional values.
We are quality conscious. Yet we deliver value for money.

The Visionary

Prem Dewan, our Chairman and Managing Director, took over the reins of DeVANS in 1982. Under his leadership, the company has expanded from one manufacturing unit to four. The expansion has led the company to become one of the leading malt spirit manufacturers and producers of quality beers that are consumed across the country and also exported to international markets.

Our Breweries

Samba - Jammu

In 1967, DeVANS set up a small brewery in Jammu which was shut down in 2014 to make way for a state-of-the-art brewery in Samba with a production capacity of 39,600 KL.

Kotputli - Rajasthan

Commissioned in 2006, our largest brewery located in Kotputli, Rajasthan is spread over 30 acres and has a production capacity of 75,000 KL.

Our Distilleries

Bohri - Jammu

Our flagship distillery in Jammu was set up by our founder, Dewan Gian Chand in 1961. The unit has an installed capacity of 2700 KL of malt spirit and
14,572 KL of IMFL.

Samba - Jammu

In May 2022, we commissioned a new distillery at Samba with an installed capacity of 4,500 KL malt spirit and 35,280 KL of IMFL.

Brewery Tie Ups

Namsai - Arunachal Pradesh

In December 2021, DeVANS entered into a production tie-up for 10,000 KL of beer annually at Aether Breweries, Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh.

Bokaro - Jharkhand

In June 2022, DeVANS entered into a production tie-up with BDPL, Bokaro, Jharkhand for annual production of 32,000 KL of beer.

Barabanki - Uttar Pradesh

In October 2023, Devans entered into a production tie up for 24,000 KL of beer annually at Vairagi Breweries, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

Tiruvallur -Tamil Nadu

In November 2023, Devans entered into a strategic tie up with Tropical Breweries at Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu with expected annual volume of more than 50,000 KL.

Our Beers


  • Be LegendaryGodfather is our flagship brand that was launched in 1984. It is available in two variants- Godfather Legendary with 7.2% ABV and Godfather Super 8 with 8% ABV - which is the strongest beer in the country. Godfather holds a large market share in North & Eastern India and is exported to Eastern, Mid-Eastern and South-Asian countries and USA.

Six Fields

  • hold on to the goodBlanche: Six Fields Blanche is a Belgian style wheat beer brewed using one of the world’s oldest beer recipes with six ingredients: wheat, malted barley, oats, coriander seeds, sweet & bitter orange peels and German hops having a 4.8% ABV, it is light golden in colour & smooth in taste.

    Cult: Six Fields CULT is brewed for those who like their witbier with an extra kick. It is India’s first Belgian-style strong white beer with 6.8% ABV.


  • Life is KotsbergIntroduced in 2013, Kotsberg is a premium pilsner with 4.5% ABV. A perfect blend of malted barley, rice flakes & German hops that gives it a smooth taste and sparkling finish.

Our Spirits


  • Savour the Spirit of JammuGianChand, Indian Single Malt is a tribute to a remarkable personality – our founder Dewan Gian Chand. It is the culmination of our expertise in perfecting the art of making malt spirits for more than 55 years. Renowned whisky critic Jim Murray reviewed GianChand for Whisky Bible 2022. He calls GianChand ‘unquestionably the most delicate Indian malt I have nosed in the near 30 years’ and ‘one of the most fascinating whiskies I came across this year’.

Old Vat

  • Raise The BarOld Vat is a premium whisky blended with scotch malts matured in American oak wooden casks and select grain spirits. The rich golden colour, woody aroma and extraordinary smoothness is the result of a unique distillation and maturation process.

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