Our Brewery Tie-Ups

Brewing Partnerships Across India

Devans continues its impressive expansion with a network of strategic production tie-ups across India. From Arunachal Pradesh’s Aether Breweries (10,000 KL annual output), Jharkhand’s BDPL (32,000 KL annual output), Uttar Pradesh’s Vairagi Brewery (24,000 KL annual output) and Tamil Nadu’s Tropical Breweries (50,000 KL annual output). Devans is strategically solidifying its nationwide presence of Godfather Beer Brand with its brewing prowess. 

This geographic diversification is not just about growth, but about staying true to the Godfather legacy. Each tie-up adheres to uncompromising quality standards and meticulous brewing practices. This ensures that wherever you raise a glass of Godfather, you’re guaranteed the same iconic taste & quality.

Mr. Prem Dewan, Chairman and Managing Director of DeVANS Modern Breweries Ltd., expressed his confidence in the collaboration, stating, “These strategic partnerships will help us overcome capacity constraints, allowing us to serve the market more effectively.”

With each new collaboration, Godfather’s legacy continues to flourish, promising consistent quality for beer lovers across the nation. This dynamic expansion plan is a step towards a mission which is to ensure that wherever you are in India, you can raise a toast with the legendary Godfather!